2018 Oldtone Volunteer Form

Thank you for offering to volunteer at Oldtone Roots Music Festival. A festival like this is simply not possible without volunteers, and we appreciate all of your help. This year the shifts will be three hours. Three hours of volunteering will earn you entrance on the day you volunteer, and nine hours of volunteering will earn a full camping pass for the festival and a pass for one complimentary meal from the staff/artist kitchen.

Being part of the pre-fest team is hard work, but this is a special team and we are the Oldtone family on pre-fest. Pre-fest volunteers can camp onsite and earn a festival pass. Some food and beverages are provided for the pre-fest team. Hours required are a minimum of 16 hours, Monday-Thursday morning (start of festival). Post-fest is super important. Breakdown starts on Sunday, and continues on Monday. Post-fest commitment for Sunday and Monday (10 hours) earns free Passes for the 2019 festival. 


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