GATES OPEN Noon to Midnight


3:00 Four O’Clock Flowers

4:00 Tamar Korn & Company

5:00 Tuba Skinny

6:00 Esther Rose Band

Dinner Break

7:00 The Down Hill Strugglers

8:00 Sinner Friends


DANCE TENT  Swing Night

7:30 Swing Dance Lesson w/ Emily Vail

8:30 Tamar Korn

9:30 Tuba Skinny

11:00 Jackson & The Janks



GATES OPEN 9am to Midnight


12:30 Ball & Chain (2018 Band Contest Winners!)

1:30 Bash Bish Bluegrass Band

2:30 Four O’Clock Flowers

3:30 Run Mountain

4:30 Down Hill Strugglers w/ John Cohen

5:30 Alice Gerrard & The Piedmont Melody Makers

Dinner Break

6:30 Alex Leach Band

7:30 Jerron Paxton


DANCE TENT   Honky-Tonk & Cajun Night

2:30 Will Mentor Dance Caller Workshop (Part 1)

5:00 Forgotten Dances of the 1920's:  w/ Lindsay McCaw & Roochie Toochie & The Ragtime Shepherd Kings 
(Charleston, the Eagle Rock, the Wagon Wheel, Twinkles, the Rip-and-Snort, the Buck-and-Wing . . )

6:15 The Foghorn Stringband Oldtime Square Dance with Will Mentor Calling

7:00 Two Step Workshop w/ Robin Fletcher

8:15 The Oldtone Honky-Tonk Revue Hosted By Caleb Klauder

9:30 Esther Rose Band 

10:30 Jesse Legé & Bayou Brew


4:00 Banjo with Travis Stuart
5:30 Beginner/Intermediate Mandolin with Tara Lindhart
6:30 Big Guitar Workshop Dwayne Brooke and Conner Steven Vlietstra



GATES OPEN 9am to Midnight


9:30 Contest Check in
Instrument, Clogging, & Band Contests will run from 9:30 to 1:00
(limited space, sign up at the Oldtone Merch Tent for the band, clogging, and instrument contests)

10:00 Instrument / Flat Footing/Clogging Contests
in this order: Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, & Fiddle, Flat Footing/Clogging

11:00 Band Contests

1:00 Bruce Molsky & Allison de Groot

2:00 Nora Brown

3:00 Jerron Paxton

4:00 Sinner Friends

4:30 Alex Leach Band

5:00 Dinner Break

6:00 Roochie Toochie & The Ragtime Shepard Kings

7:00 Bruce Molsky & Allison de Groot

8:00 Alice Gerrard & The Piedmont Melody Makers

9:00 Foghorn Stringband

...march to the DANCE TENT w/ Brasskill


DANCE TENT  Contra and Square DAY

9:00 Yoga with Jennifer Llewellyn

10:00 Slinky Armadillo

11:30 “How-To Pang Wangle” w/ Maura Gahan
Also Check out Maura in the Vendor Area during the festival and lend a hand for the Pang Wangle Cheer-Up Circus!

12:00 Clogging Workshop with Paula Bradley & Jim Burns 

1:00 Family Square Dance - Travis Stuart & Friends with Alex Udis Calling 

2:00 Hopalong Andrew

3:00 Will Mentor Dance Caller Workshop Part 2

4:00 Pre-show Puppet Training w/ Maura Gahan

4:30 Pang Wangle Cheer-Up Circus Interactive Performance w/ Maura Gahan

5:00 Square Dance: Bruce Molsky, Allison De Groot, Nadine Landry & Reed Stutz w/Will Mentor Calling

6:00 Open Jam with Tara Linhardt

7:00 Russet Trio Contra Dance with Will Mentor

BRASSKILL Brass Band March from Main Stage
(after Foghorn Ends on Main Stage)

10:00 Tamar Korn

11:00 The Daiquiri Queens


12:00 Big Mon Klauder

1:00 The New Traditional Sound with former Clinch Mountain Boy, Alex Leach

2:00 Banjo Workshop Brandon Masur, Allison, Travis, Grace Van't Hof

3:00 Big Fiddle with Bruce Molsky, Sammy Lind, Robert Russell & Chris Brashear

4:00 The Cajuns

5:00 Hopalong Andrew 



GATES OPEN 9am to 5pm


10:00 Gospel with Nadine Landry

11:00 Redwood Hill

12:00 Roochie Toochie & The Ragtime Shepard Kings

1:00 The Daiquiri Queens

2:00 Foghorn Stringband 

3:00  Alex Leach Band

4:00 Redwood Hill

...see ya next year!



9:00 Yoga with Jennifer Llewellyn

10:30 Hopalong Andrew 

11:30 Slinky Armadillo

12:30 Oldtone Family Square Dance 

1:30 Russet Trio Family Contra with Maggie McRae Calling

3:00 Jesse Legé and Bayou Brew



11:00 Beginner/Youth Fiddle with Aldo Lavaggi 

1:00  All age open jam with Tara Linhardt

*lineup subject to change