2018 Daily schedule




3:00 Easy Ridin’ Papas

4:00 Down Hill Strugglers

5:00 Cedric Watson

6:00 Tuba Skinny

7:00 Hoot & Holler


DANCE TENT  Swing Night

7:00 Swing Dance Lesson w/ Jason Fenton and Elizabeth Orenstein

8:00 Tuba Skinny

10:00 The Lucky Five w/ Tamar Korn




12:00 Old Sky: The 2017 Band Contest Winners

1:00 Hoot & Holler

2:00 Run Mountain

3:00 Cedric Watson

4:00 Foghorn Stringband

5:00 Down Hill Strugglers w/ John Cohen

6:30 Eva Salina & Peter Stan

7:30 Anna & Elizabeth


DANCE TENT   Honky-Tonk & Cajun Night

2:00 The Lonesome Doves

3:00 Hoot & Holler w/ Hilary Hawk Square Dance: caller Kelsey Nelsen

4:00 Pedal Steel w/ Rusty Blake, Pete Adams, w/ Sauerkraut Seth, Lukas Schwartz & Billy Voiers 

5:00  Dance w/Eva

5:30 Cloggin' with Paula Bradley

6:00 Run Mountain Square Dance w/ caller Will Mentor

7:00 Cajun Two Step Lesson

8:30 Caleb Klauder Country Band w/ Mike Bub

9:45 Eva Salina & Peter Stan

10:00 The Oldtone Honky-Tonk Revue w/ Caleb Klauder Hosting

10:45  Jesse Lége & Bayou Brew



4:00 The Big Guitar Workshop

5:00 Fiddle w/ Melody Allegra Berger, Nick Reeb, Ryan Drickey and more

6:00 The World According to Cedric Watson

7:00  “The Cajuns”




9:30 Instrument and Band Contests (limited space, sign up at the main gate)

1:00 Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show

2:00 Farewell Alligator Man: The Jimmy C. Newman Tribute

w/ Klauder, Willms, Savoy, Jones, Blake & Landry

3:00 Frank Wakefield w/ The Hayrollers

4:00 Nora Brown

5:00 Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show

6:00 Anna & Elizabeth

7:00 Bill & The Belles

8:00 Hubby Jenkins

9:00 Foghorn Stringband

...march to the DANCE TENT


DANCE TENT  Contra and Square DAY

9:30 Yoga w/ Jennifer Llewellyn

11:00 Slinky Armadillo

12:00 Paper Heart Puppets

1:00 Big Family Dance w/ Hopalong Andrew

2:00 Banjo from Scratch Workshop w/ Hilary Hawke

3:00 Pete’s Posse Dance w/ caller Kelsey Nelsen

4:00 Open Jam w/ Tara Linhardt

5:00 Hubby Jenkins,  Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind & Mike Bub Square Dance w/ caller Will Mentor

6:30 Aldo Lavaggi & The Russet Trio Contra Dance w/ caller Will Mentor

8:00 Pete’s Posse Contra Dance w/ caller Will Mentor

10:00 The Old Time Oldtone Yodel-off w/ Bill & The Belles "Yodel for Glory, Yodel for Gold" The Showdown for Oldtone's Biggest Crackpot

11:00 Cajun Country Revival



11:00 All Ages Fiddle with Melody Allegra Berger

12:00 THE BIG DANG BANJO WORKSHOP w/Brennan Ernst, Hilary Hawke, Travis Stuart, and Hubby Jenkins

1:00  ON BASS with Mike Bub, Nadine Landry and friends!

2:00 Stories w/ John Cohen

3:00 Hopping Along with Andrew

4:00 Bluegrass, Old-Time and Cajun Fiddle; Kalia, Sammy, Joel, Hurt and More

5:00 The Wake Frankfield

6:00 Mandolin Workshop w/ Caleb Klauder & Co.




10:00 Bear Minimum

11:00 Gospel with Nadine Landry

12:00 Five Mile Mountain Road

1:00 The Feinberg Brothers

2:00  Pete’s Posse

3:00  Five Mile Mountain Road

4:00 The Feinberg Brothers

...see ya next year!



9:30 Yoga With Jennifer Llewellyn

10:30 Slinky Armadillo

12:00 Oldtone Family Square Dance w/ Sauerkraut Seth, Paul Rosenberg, and Tamarack

1:30 Russet Trio Contra w/ Jon Greene

3:00  Jesse Lége & Bayou Brew



11:00  Fiddle for Contra w/ Aldo

12:00 TBA

1:00 All Ages Jam with Tara

*lineup subject to change