Swing Dance Night!
7:30 Beginner Swing Dance Lesson
w/ Jason Fenton & Elizabeth Orenstein
8:00 The Lucky Five
9:30 Tuba Skinny  


Contra & Square Dance Night!
3:30 Aldo Lavaggi & Friends w/ Jon Greene calling (Contra)
5:00 The Farwells w/ Eric Hollman calling (Square)
6:00 Mountain Laurel w/ Paul Rosenberg calling (Contra)

8pm Dinner Break
Cajun Food Night at Oldtone!

8:30 The Oldtone Country Revue
An all-star cast will kick up their heels for a real country extravaganza! You don't want to miss this one folks.

Caleb Klauder, Reeb Willms, Lauren Ambrose, Andy Bean, Bradford Lee Folk, Pete Adams, Brian Kantor, Sauerkraut Seth Travins & More!

10:00 Jesse Lége & Bayou Brew
(Louisiana Hot Cajun Dance! ‘til late!)


Contra & Square Dance Night!
3:30 The Russet Trio w/ Quena Crain calling (Contra)
5:00 Run Mountain w/ Erica Weiss calling (Square)
6:30 Mountain Laurel w/ Fern Bradley calling (Contra)

8pm Dinner Break
Cool Whisper Farm Pig Roast Night at Oldtone!

9:30 Raya Brass Band 'til late!

Plus dance instruction by Jason Fenton throughout!

(Schedule Information subject to change)