Family Activities at Oldtone Roots Music Festival



Yoga with Jennifer Llewellyn of Majestic Hudson Lifestyle 

Prepare to chant Om Shanti while you enjoy a lovely yoga practice with Jennifer Llewellyn of Majestic Hudson on Saturday and Sunday Mornings at 9 am in the Dance tent. Jen will lead a gentle yoga class suited for all levels. Bring a mat if you have one, we will have a few to spare. Music lovers and yogis of all ages welcome!

Jennifer Llewellyn is the Chief Wellness Officer of Majestic Hudson Lifestyle which fosters connection, inspires creativity, and supports a compassionate lifestyle one blissful experience at a time. Visit:


Maura Gahan Brings Vermont Puppet Traditions and Assordeed Merriment to Oldtone! 

Maura Gahan is a longtime puppeteer, choreographer, and children’s dance teacher hailing from E. Charleston, Vermont. Gahan regularly tours with the Bread and Puppet Theater, Vermont Vaudeville, and as an honorary-auxiliary-member of the Roochie Toochie Ragtime Shepard Kings.

These shows are an Oldtone Original! 


“How-To Pang Wangle

Saturday Afternoon in the Dance Tent 

Professor Duck Shincracker and the Whooperups teach us what it means to Pang Wangle* and the universal tricks of how to do it with the help of a fishing pole, rooster, and a Cheer-up Circus. 

*Pang Wangle- “to live cheerfully inspite of misfortune”

All ages welcome. Show approx. 30min. 

Performance: 4:30-5:00pm

Join the the Pang Wangle Cheer-Up Circus!

Our circus needs puppets and the puppets need kid-power. Come early to learn a puppet for the show. 

Pre-Show Puppet Training: 4-4:30pm Saturday In the Dance Tent 

Booths O’ Fun - In the Vendor area

Ongoing, self-made fun for those taking the music too seriously. Come on by to Flub the Dub, get a door-knocker-beard or Wack-a-mo-yo smart phone. You’ll probably also fall in love, win the lottery, and reverse global climate change!  


Hopalong Andrew! 

Saturday Afternoon- The Great Hopalong Family Show in the the Dance Tent 

And don’t miss him again in the Workshop Tent Saturday & Sunday afternoons for some sing-a-longs and more with our favorite Kid’s Cowboy! 

A former NYC Urban Park Ranger, Hopalong Andrew celebrates nature and the richness of city life — the energy, diversity, and sense of possibility — with the fun-loving “can-do” spirit of the American West. With clever and whimsical cowboy songs about city life, his high-spirited music is meant for the whole family to enjoy, city-slickers and tenderfoots alike.


Roger the Jester!   

A Berkshire Classic! Best Kids' Entertainment this side of the Mississippi!

Roger the Jester is an improvisational performance artist who has performed for young and old audiences all over the world. 

Every interactive performance is a debut, and created in the moment for the audience that is present, a truly magical and transformative experience. Just to give you an idea Roger was recently commissioned to perform at a wedding reception.  He played an arrangement of the Beatles “All you need is Love” on the tuba, trombone, pocket trumpet, baritone, melodica, boom whacker and cymbals. Roger will juggle, spin, throw and play with all sorts of objects.


Slinky Armadillo! 

Saturday & Sunday early in the Dance tent.  Original kids songs and performance art by the one and only Slink Moss!


Sunday Family Square and Contra Dances! 

Join us at Saturday and Sunday early afternoons in the Dance tent for the Oldtone Family Dances!   Beginners and kids welcome!





In the Vendor Area!

Bring an instrument. Be ready to play, to write, to sing, and jam. Yes, it’s ridiculous! The wide-eyed ginger-bearded musician known as Burt Murder invites audience members to “bring an instrument to the venue and be ready to perform a song that mentions the iconic food known as hot dogs.” Get tuber creative and sing out about franks, weiners, veggie dogs or Michigan hots! The only rule: just mention a bloody hot dog (in any form at least once) in your song.


All Ages/Intro Fiddle, Mandolin and Jamming Workshops 

With Tara Linhardt, and Aldo Lavaggi! 
Look at our workshop schedule for these special workshops throughout the weekend