Guidelines, Rules & Policies

In order to provide an enjoyable and trouble-free environment for all of our attendees, we ask all in attendance to practice common sense and follow some simple guidelines so that everyone will be safe and able to enjoy this beautiful farm festival!


We have a “share a chair” policy. You may sit in any unoccupied chair inside the stage area but please be courteous and move when the chair’s owner arrives.
Please do not move or remove those chairs and, in particular, do not block the aisles or steps up to the stage.
Seating in concert areas is on a first-come, first-served basis.
You may leave your chair in place all weekend. Bring your own chairs or blankets.

Do not block the view of others. See map in Festival Program for high chair, low chair and blanket sections. A high chair is one that a basketball can fit under.

Sunbrellas may be set up along the perimeter of the main stage seating area.

For handicapped attendees, a tent is provided. Staff will assist.

No chairs on the dance floor please! You may bring chairs to the workshop stage.


No glass!

No smoking in concert areas.
If you wish to smoke, move beyond the outside edge of the crowd. This applies to all performance tents and food service areas. Please field dress all smoking materials. No butts on the ground.

No Pets are allowed on the festival grounds.
*All Guide Dogs and working service dogs will be allowed the freedom and access necessary.

No drones please!

No bad attitudes!

No easy-ups can be left up overnight, they must be collapsed at dusk. All vendor tents/shade tents must be securely anchored. 


Absolutely no festival staff, artist, volunteer or ticket holder shall approach or touch the farm animals or any electrified fences/livestock paddocks on “Cool Whisper Farm” at anytime.  All paddocks containing animals are “Out of Bounds” and are not festival grounds.  For your safety, everyone must respect the boundaries of the festival and farm. If anyone attempts to break this rule, they will be immediately ejected from the festival with no refund. 


No “Bring Your Own” open alcohol is to be transported into or to be displayed in the main festival or stage area. You can bring coolers into the stage area but they must fit under your seat.  Beer and wine will be for sale in the main festival area to those over the age of 21.  We have a 'no open alcohol container' policy in the camping and day parking areas as well.  We do have a NO GLASS rule! 


There are no electric or water hook-ups for RVs on any of the festival grounds, there are potable water stations for free water available.


Please limit the use of small generators in the RV section of the campground to between the hours of 10:00 am and 12:30 pm. Campers operating generators may be asked by Festival Security Guards to turn them off at anytime if generator use interferes with the festival experience. Campers who refuse to observe generator guidelines may be asked to leave the grounds.


The festival site has plenty of camping room for tenters as well as RVers.  The “Full Camping Ticket” lets the ticket holder camp in the camping area of the grounds only.   Daily ticket holders may not bring vehicles or camping gear into the campground.

Campsites of groups of six shall not be more than 1250 sq/ft.  RVs must purchase a separate RV reservation ticket in addition to a “Full Camping Ticket per person as we have limited space and need to make sure we have a space for you!  Small trailers taking up a length of 23' feet or less—such as pop-up campers—do not need this ticket.  If your RV trailer or motorhome is 24' or over you need this ticket to reserve a space for you in the RV area.   
Please email if you have a question about your rig!   There are no hooks up, but pump-out service is available for a fee of $40.

You can save campsites for your friends and family to arrive at a later time.  If space becomes scarce you will be required to reasonably share camping site space with ticket holders looking for camping space. Please welcome your brothers and sisters to camp next to you!

Park vehicles perpendicular to the roads to conserve space, and maintain a 20-foot-wide unobstructed traffic lane in the campground for emergency services, should they ever be needed.


No ground fires are allowed!
Leave no fire unattended! Have a fire extinguisher handy!

Use only camp stoves or grills for cooking.
No luminaries! Landing on a tent could start a fire.

Use only locally purchased firewood!
Bringing in firewood from more than 50 miles away is strictly illegal in New York State. Moving firewood long distances can spread tree-killing pests like the emerald ash borer. Please purchase firewood in town! Please visit for more information on this important subject!


Keep your campsite clean. Use trash and recycling barrels properly.
Leave no debris on the ground. This is a working farm!
No amplifiers or loud music at your campsite within reason please!
Be super quiet from 10pm to 7am if camped in Quiet Camping.
Drive only when necessary to reduce impact on the land.
Be considerate of your fellow campers.
If you have a legitimate concern for anyone’s health or safety, please seek assistance from Security or Medical personnel.
(See Festival Grounds Map in program)


Use garbage and recycling bins as marked and please keep your campsite clean. Remember, we are guests on a farm that produces hay for dairy cows to munch.
Dispose of anything that might make animals sick such as cigarette butts, instrument strings, plastic bags, paper, etc. Be sure your area is clean before leaving.


First Aid and Security are available 24 hours a day.  The 24-hour First Aid Tent is staffed by qualified EMT volunteers. It is well marked on our festival map in our program book, and an on-site emergency phone number will be available there as well.


Handicapped accessibility assistance is available.
Handicapped Parking and Camping are located ON SITE.
When you arrive, ask to be directed to that area.
Special needs or concerns prior to the festival?
Please email us at


The festival is not responsible for lost, stolen, or destroyed items, All sales of tickets or festival goods are final.

If you can't find an answer to a question you may have, by all means please email us! We are here to help!